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Anxiety Relief

Unfortunately, millions of people are using prescribed drugs for anxiety relief, especially in the United States. With the advent of fast food, the remote control, and the Internet, Americans want a “quick fix” to their problems. As a result, we choose to take prescription drugs (and often times illegal drugs) to alleviate the stress and anxiety in our lives.

Those who suffer from Severe Anxiety and Acute Panic Disorder can get through their problems without the use of chemicals. Instead of putting a band-aid on the problem, we need to take active measure to fully expose and heal the issue. No matter what the source of the anxiety and panic is, there are techniques available that will help you regain control of your life.

My Quest for Anxiety Relief

As I mentioned earlier in this site, I had a BIG problem with anxiety during my latter years in college and my initial years in the corporate world. Overwhelmed by bills, deadlines, a failing relationship, and New York City, I began losing control. My heart would race, my mind would race, and on a few occasions I thought I was having a heart attack. I was twenty-two years old and I thought I was having a coronary.

Had I not addressed this anxiety in a healthy, productive way, I could have easily had a heart attack by the time I was thirty. Throughout my research I discovered and read about the benefits of meditation and collected as much information on anxiety relief as possible. I studied a number of different things until I settled on a couple of techniques that have changed my life. Today, I am a happier, healthier, more vibrant human being than I ever thought I could be.