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Laughing Lion Herbs

Who is Laughing Lion Herbs? Laughing Lion Herbs is an online vendor selling kratom strains online. The products are always ISO and FDA certified lab tested. The company is GMP qualified. The vendor started their business in 2015 in Colorado. They started with a small setup and now the company has grown successfully. At the start they gave very reasonable rates like they offered $100 per kg while others were offering $250- $350.

Why to choose? Herbs they choose come straight from wild forests and farms. After that they set to get tested from labs and these tests are done batch to batch. There are some variations in every batch as they admit that all the kratom strains are not served 100% pure. The products are prepared with all cleanliness and hygienic methods. Their aim is to serve their customers high quality kratom along with health precautions.  products

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Best Selling Kratom Products

  •  Signature Kratom Blends
  •  Bentuangie Kratom
  •  Chocolate Kratom Products
  •  Digital Scales for Kratom
  •  Gold Vein Kratom
  •  Green Vein Kratom
  •  White Vein Kratom
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 Infinity WOW! Kratom Infinity Enhanced Kratom

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Shipment and delivery All the orders placed before 2pm are shipped the same day if the payment is not done before 2pm the order gets shipped the next working day. Also they take orders from monday to friday.  Return or exchange policy They do not offer cashback like other vendors for quality assurance, for some reason. They only take a product back if it is not opened and is company sealed. Return is accepted within 15 days of delivery. They claim that if a product is opened and customers want to return so there is a big NO, they first check the product when you send it back and then they decide what to do with it. Opened product should be returned within 3 days and it is non refundable. They say that they can only compensate by exchanging it with less price product or with the same price range. Wholesale There is also an offer for the people who want to buy as wholesale. No matter if the person has a small business or a large one. Website A Lot of information from the beginning till now is there in the about us section. Website does not look up to date and is also in process. Pros

  • Fair price
  • GMP qualified
  • FDA approved lab tested
  • 6 lab tests
  • Batch to batch quality check
  • Same day shipping
  • Variation in products
  • Price not increased from 3 years


  • Website is not managed well
  • Customer reviews were hidden
  • No cashback guarantee
  • No free delivery
  • No samples