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The Wonderful Health Benefits of Sea Vegetables

If you are not aware of the amazing health benefits of sea vegetables then it's safe to assume that you are not a citizen of the Easter world. That's because for years people in Japan and Asia have been eating sea vegetables for good health and vitality.

But what are sea vegetables?

You've probably seen sea vegetables before but don't know it. Sea vegetables are featured in many sushi dishes and are actually the vegetables that wraps around the rice. Sea vegetables are essentially the seaweed found in the deep blue seas around the world that are harvested and manufactured to appear as you see them in sushi restaurants. So don't let the unique smell and look of seaweed put you off eating sea vegetables. Sea vegetables, as they are called by those who harvest and eat them, are actually potent sources of essential vitamins and minerals that have many health benefits to the body. In addition, sea vegetables contain a variety of compounds that may help ward off some serious health threats such as cancer.

There are many kinds of sea vegetables that you can eat to reap their health benefits. Sea vegetables such as nori, hijiki, alaria, kelp and dulse are foods against cancer. Results from Japanese research suggest that sea vegetables may inhibit tumor growth and prevent cancer. But it is dulse and kelp that seem the most promising against cancer.  Furthermore, when nutrition researchers at Ryerson University in Toronto studied the effects of dulse and kelp extract on cancer cells they found that dulse inhibited cancer growth by 69% while kelp slowed cancer cell growth by up to 78%.

Also, sea vegetables are amazing superfoods as they have the health benefit of boosting the immune system. So if you are feeling the wear and tear of daily life and are prone to colds, you may just want to reach out to the great blue sea for help. Sea vegetables are packed with essential vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system and fight diseases. Nori especially has proven itself to be a great boost to the immune system. Nori is high in vitamin C and vitamin A, key vitamins that strengthen the immune system.

Furthermore, the high vitamin A content of sea vegetables such as nori makes them good foods for vision health. Sea vegetables protect the eyes against night blindness and vision problems associated with aging. So it would be a good idea to add sea vegetables to your diet for youth and vitality.

Sea vegetables are also good to eat as they are excellent sources of energy. Sea vegetables contain a good amount of vitamin B12 that helps to fight fatigue, memory loss and nerve damage. Vegans, especially, should turn to sea vegetables to get sufficient vitamin B12 in their diet as this nutrient is mostly found in meat.

Sea vegetables also benefit the heart and the blood. Sea vegetables contain magnesium that keeps blood pressure in check, protecting the heart. Sea vegetables also contain the B vitamin, folate. Folate helps the body to break down protein and make red blood cells. So if you are in need of a boost of folate look no further than sea vegetables that are just one of the best sources of this nutrient.

Sea vegetables have many health benefits that are just too good to pass up, so go shopping in the Asian aisle and pick up some sea vegetables for optimal health.